New: Proyecto Arqueológico Waka': informe no. 15, temporada 2017 - edited by Juan Carlos Pérez, Griselda Pérez Robles, and David Freidel

Theory and Method in Maya Decipherment - by Marc Zender

Proyecto Arqueológico El Tintal. Informe no. 4: resultados de la cuarta temporada de investigación, 2017 - edited by Mary Jane Acuña and Varinia Matute

The Funerary Complex of Temple XX: Offering and Ritual in the Early Classic Period of Palenque - by Arnoldo González Cruz and Joshua Abenamar Balcells González

Devenir histórico y papel de los Chatahn winik en la sociedad maya clásica - by Erik Velásquez García and Ana García Barrios

Middle Preclassic Caches from Ceibal, Guatemala - by Takeshi Inomata and Daniela Triadan

Ian Graham and the Maya - by David Stuart

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Restless Blood: Frans Blom, Explorer and Maya Archaeologist, by Tore Leifer, Jesper Nielsen, and Toke Sellner Reunert. Available from Amazon: