Aj Poop B'atz' y la historia chamelqueña by Sarah Ashley Kistler and Sebastian Pop Si

Archaeology: The Plates - Volumes 1-4 of Archaeology by Alfred P. Maudslay

A Study of Classic Maya Sculpture - by Tatiana Proskouriakoff

A Stylistic and Chronological Study of Olmec Monumental Sculpture - by Carl William Clewlow, Jr.

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Excerpts from the Researches of Teobert Maler - with a short biography

Incidents of Travel in Yucatan - by John L. Stephens

La Venta, Tabasco: A Study of Olmec Ceramics and Art - by Philip Drucker

Maya Hieroglyphic Writing: Introduction - by J. Eric S. Thompson

Maya Shamanism Today - by Bruce Love

Millenary Maya Societies: Past Crises and Resilience - edited by M.-Charlotte Arnauld and Alain Breton

Never in Fear - by Merle Greene Robertson

Popol Vuh: The Sacred Book of the Quiché Maya - translated by Allen J. Christenson

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Recollections of My Early Travels in Chiapas - by John Bourne

Representation of Deities of the Maya Manuscripts - by Paul Schellhas

Restoration Drawing of Groups A and B, Uaxactun, Guatemala - by Tatiana Proskouriakoff. Frontispiece of Uaxactun, Guatemala: Excavations of 1931-1937 by A. Ledyard Smith (1950)

Revisiting Maler's Usumacinta: Recent Archaeological Investigations in Chiapas, Mexico - by Andrew K. Scherer and Charles Golden

Sketch Map of the Central Portion of the Usumasintla Valley - by Teobert Maler

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Temple of the Night Sun: A Royal Tomb at El Diablo, Guatemala - by Stephen Houston, Sarah Newman, Thomas Garrison, and Edwin Román

The Ancient Maya Monuments at Oxpemul, Campeche, México - by Hubert R. Robichaux

The Grolier Codex - a digital facsimile

The Inscriptions from Temple XIX at Palenque - by David Stuart

The Maya Scribe and His World - by Michael D. Coe

The Olmec Notebooks of Miguel Covarrubias - by Michael D. Coe