New: The Archaeological Field Diaries of Sylvanus Griswold Morley, 1914-1916 - edited, annotated, and with introductions by Prudence M. Rice and Christopher Ward

The Mesoamerican Conception of the Sacred Mountain, its Projections and Architectural Manifestations - by Alfredo López Austin

Cultural Development of the Monumental Epicenter of the Maya City of Naranjo-Sa'aal, Northeast Peten, Guatemala - by Vilma Fialko

Un umbral al inframundo. La cámara 3 del Templo Mayor de Tenochtitlan - by Alejandra Aguirre Molina

The Monuments of Yaxchilan: Lintel 12 - photograph by Jorge Pérez de Lara

The Litany of Runaway Kings: Another Look at Stela 12 of Naranjo, Guatemala - by Christophe Helmke, Dmitri Beliaev, and Sergei Vepretskii

Pus, Pustules, and Ancient Maya Gods: Notes on the Names of God S and Hunahpu - by Oswaldo Chinchilla Mazariegos

A Short Note on Winte' Nah as House of Darts - by Péter Bíró

The Mayanist Vol. 2, No. 2 - edited by Maxime Lamoureux-St-Hilaire, C. Mathew Saunders, and Brent K. S. Woodfill

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