New: The Monolithic Monuments of Nakum, Guatemala - by Jaroslaw Zralka, Christophe Helmke, Simon Martin, Wieslaw Koszkul, and Juan Luis Velásquez

Proyecto Paisaje Piedras Negras - Yaxchilan, 2016. Informe de la primera temporada de investigación - edited by Griselda Pérez Robles, Andrew K. Scherer, and Charles Golden

3D Models of Chert Lithics from the Rosalila Cache at Copan

Was Aztec and Mixtec Turquoise Mined in the American Southwest? - by Alyson M. Thibodeau, Leonardo López Luján, David J. Killick, Frances F. Berdan, and Joaquin Ruiz

Mural Paintings of the Tulum Castillo: Discovery, Conservation, and Study of New Pictorial Elements - by Mónica A. López Portillo Guzmán and Octavio Quetzalcóatl Esparza Olguín

Royal Death, Tombs, and Cosmic Landscapes: Early Classic Maya Tomb Murals from Río Azul, Guatemala - by Mary Jane Acuña

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Excavaciones en el Templo XIX de Palenque, Chiapas, México, coordinado por Alfonso Morales Cleveland y Martha Cuevas García.