The view from atop Temple V. Photo courtesy Luis Lopes. (zoom) (complete panorama)

Posted January 19, 2004

Stanley Guenter reports from Palenque (where he has just finished leading a tour through Tikal and other sites):

You can announce to the Mesoweb folks that Temple V at Tikal is now available to be climbed. Temple V has some wooden stairs beside the main ones that lead up to the top. There is no railing atop it, so it can be quite an experience when you get up there! The temple faces directly onto Temple 32 of the North Acropolis, the tomb of K'inich Waaw, who appears to have been the bloke who commissioned Temple V. The incensarios from Temple V can be seen in the Morley museum.

The Tikal ruler K'inich Waaw is also known as Animal Skull. (See New Information on Tikal, Temple V.) Look for more details on Temple V in an upcoming Mesoweb Report from Sue Glenn and Luis Lopes.