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Tikal rulers

This table of the rulers of Tikal is based on Chronicle of the Maya Kings and Queens by Simon Martin and Nikolai Grube (2000:25-53) and Martin (2003). Dynastic titles are given where known. K'inich Muwaan Jol II may be the previously missing twenty-third or twenty-fourth ruler (Martin and Grube 2000:56; Stanley Guenter 2002a:139).

Yax Ehb' Xook
c. 90

Foliated Jaguar

Animal Headdress

Siyaj Chan K'awiil I
11th in the line
c. 307

Unen B'alam

K'inich Muwaan Jol
13th in the line

Chak Tok Ich'aak I
(Jaguar Paw)
14th in the line

Yax Nuun Ayiin I
(Curl Snout)

Siyaj Chan K'awiil II
(Stormy Sky)
16th in the line

K'an Chitam
(Kan Boar)

Chak Tok Ich'aak II
(Jaguar Paw Skull)
c. 486-508

Lady of Tikal

Kaloomte' B'alam
19th in the line
c. 511-527>

Bird Claw

Wak Chan K'awiil
(Double Bird)
21st in the line

Animal Skull
22nd in the line

23rd and 24th Rulers
(see K'inich Muwaan Jol II)

Nuun Ujol Chaak
(Shield Skull)

Jasaw Chan K'awiil I
(Ruler A)

Yik'in Chan K'awiil
(Ruler B)
27th in the line

28th Ruler

Yax Nuun Ayiin II
(Ruler C)
29th in the line

Nuun Ujol K'inich
c. 800?

Dark Sun

Jewel K'awiil

Jasaw Chan K'awiil II