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A Probable Reference to Na-"Gourd" Chan Ahk on Naranjo Stela 15 - by Luís Lopes.

Citation and Referencing Strategies - by Marc Zender.

A New Variant of the chak Sign - by David Stuart.

Glyph T93 and Maya "Hand-scattering" Events - by Bruce Love.

Observations on the Cross Motif at Palenque - by Linda Schele.

New Year Records in Classic Maya Inscriptions - by David Stuart.

Earliest Complex Culture in the Americas

Upcoming: Events and announcements

Weaving the Fabric of the Cosmos - modern Maya preserve ancient traditions. By Allen Christenson.
Palenque - including complete study resources for this Classic Maya site.
Guns on the River - the adventures of Teobert Maler.
Life and Death in Ancient Mexico - understanding human sacrifice.

Chichen Itza - materials for study.

A Classic Maya-English/English-Classic Maya Vocabulary of Hieroglyphic Readings

The Cultures of Ancient Mexico - photographs from the National Museum of Anthropology, Mexico City.

Dos Caobas Stelae 1 and 2

Dos Pilas Hieroglyphic Stairway 2

Introduction to Maya Hieroglyphs - by Harri Kettunen and Christophe Helmke. (Versión en español.)

Palenque - materials for study.

Palenque Round Tables Online - papers from the Palenque Round Tables.

Rubbings of Maya Sculpture - the complete corpus online.

Selected articles from the archives of the Precolumbian Art Research Institute.

Timeline - overview of Mesoamerican civilizations.

Map - Valley of Mexico, Oaxaca, Olmec heartland and Maya area.

An Annotated Overview of "Tikal Dancer" Plates - by Erik Boot.

Ask the Archaeologists - Students, send your questions to the archaeological team at Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico.

Balancing the Cosmos - a new film on the Maya rituals of Santiago Atitlán.

Balancing the Cosmos Video Webcast - sneak preview of the film in progress.

Blue Jade Fever - by Nathan Horowitz.

A Broken Sky: The Ancient Name of Yaxchilan as Pa' Chan - by Simon Martin.

B'utz'aj Sak Chi'ik, "Smoking Lark", the Third Palenque Ruler - by Erik Boot.

The Cave of Jolja'

Chinikiha: The Modern Threat to an Ancient Maya Kingdom - by David Stuart and Alfonso Morales.

A Classic Maya Term for Public Performance - by Alexandre Tokovinine.

Copan's Last Saklaktuun - by David Stuart.

Corn Deities and the Male/Female Complementary Principle - by Karen Bassie.

A Cosmological Throne at Palenque - by David Stuart.

Cranial Surgery in Ancient Mesoamerica - by Vera Tiesler Blos.

Divine Patrons of the Maya Ballgame - by Alexander Tokovinine.

Don Juan Mountain and the Road to Palenque - by Karen Bassie-Sweet, Julia Miller and Alfonso Morales.

The Dos Pilas-Tikal Wars - a reading of Dos Pilas Hieroglyphic Stairway 4 by Erik Boot.

Earthquake! - by David Stuart.

The Entering of the Day: An Unusual Date from Northern Campeche - by David Stuart.

Glyph for Stingray Spine - by Albert Davletshin.

Glyphs for "Handspan" and "Strike" in Classic Maya Ballgame Texts - by Marc Zender.

Glyphs for "Right" and "Left"? - by David Stuart.

Head Shaping and Dental Decoration Among the Ancient Maya - by Dr. Vera Tiesler.

The Human Hand in Classic Maya Hieroglyphic Writing - by Erik Boot.

The Inscriptions of Dos Pilas Associated with B'ajlaj Chan K'awiil - by Stanley Guenter.

The Inscriptions on Two Lintels of Ikil and the Realm of Ek' B'ahlam - by Peter Biro.

The Jim Merrett Archive - vintage photos of Yaxchilan, Tikal and Palenque.

K'in in the Hieroglyphic Record - by Gerardo Aldana.

Left- and Right-Handedness in Classic Maya Writing-Painting Contexts - by Erik Boot.

The Life and Times of B'alah Chan K'awil - a reading of Dos Pilas Hieroglyphic Stairway 2 by Erik Boot.

Linda Schele's "Edgewalker" video clip. (Requires Quicktime 3.)

Linda Schele audio clip from the second Palenque Round Table. (Requires Quicktime.)

Longer Live the King: The Questionable Demise of K'inich K'an Joy Chitam of Palenque - by David Stuart.

Long-Lipped Corner Masks as the Animated "Hill, Mountain" - by Erik Boot.

Maya Creator Gods - by Karen Bassie.

Morley Hires Tatiana Proskouriakoff - by Khristaan D. Villela. Illustrated with rare preliminary versions of Proskouriakoff's drawings.

A New Method of Deciphering Yucatecan Dates with Special Reference to Chichen Itza - by J. Eric Thompson.

A New Palenque Ruler - by Joel Skidmore.

A New Plate Naming a K'uhul Mutu'l Ajaw - by Raphael Tunesi and Luís Lopes. With comments by Stanley Guenter.

The Old Chichen Rubbings Project

An Overview of Classic Maya Ceramics Containing Sequences of Day Signs - by Erik Boot.

On the Paired Variants of TZ'AK - by David Stuart.

The Paw Stone: The Place Name of Piedras Negras, Guatemala - by David Stuart.

Performance and Competence of a Late Classic Maya Master Scribe - by Erik Boot.

A Possible Logogram for TZ'AP - by David Stuart.

A Reading of the Cancuén Looted Panel - by Stanley Guenter.

Recent Findings in Maya History: Teotihuacan and Tikal, the Founder of Copan, the Captor of a Palenque King.

Recent Finds in Ek Balam

The Red Queen - by Arnoldo González Cruz.

Ritual and History in a Stucco Inscription - by David Stuart.

The Search for Five-Flower Mountain: Re-Evaluating the Cancuen Panel - by S. Ashley Kistler.

Some Notes on Fireflies - by Luís Lopes.

Some Remarks on Chichen Itza Stela 2 - by Daniel Graña-Behrens.

Sport, Spectacle and Political Theater: New Views of the Classic Maya Ballgame - by Marc Zender.

Spreading Wings: A Possible Origin of the k'i Syllable - by David Stuart.

Structure A-XVIII, Uaxactun - by A. Ledyard Smith.

A Study of the Gestures on the Palenque Temple XIX Bench - by Jorge Pérez de Lara.

A Tour and History of Acanceh - by Jorge Pérez de Lara.

A Tour and History of Copan - by Jorge Pérez de Lara.

A Tour and History of Tikal - by Jorge Pérez de Lara.

Transferring the Mam - from a film by Andrew Weeks.

Unmasking "Double Bird", Ruler of Tikal - by Simon Martin.

An Unusual Calendar Cycle at Tonina - by David Stuart.

The Water-Band Glyph - by Luís Lopes.

The Yaxha Emblem Glyph as Yax-ha - by David Stuart.

Bad news from Aguateca.

Newspaper article: Belize Loses Roads, Power in Hurricane's Wake.

Link to Macal River Valley Threatened

New Discoveries at Cancuen

New Ballcourt Marker from Cancuen

Magnificent Palace Uncovered

Caracol in the News - ancient Maya had suburbs, strip malls and sprawl.

Caral - Peruvian city dated to more than 4,600 years ago.

Link to "Ancient Chocolate Found in Maya 'Teapot'"

A Preclassic Maya Site in the News

The free-fall in wholesale coffee prices hurts the modern Maya. This newspaper article tells how you can help. And here's another. However, this article suggests that free-trade coffee might not be such a good idea after all.

Recent find at Copan - possible royal tomb 1km from city center.

Newspaper article: Onslaught of clearing in largest rain forest likely will lead to its demise

Newspaper article about forests in Guatemala saved by villages like Uaxactun.

Dos Caobas
Photos of the Dos Caobas stelae - by Sue Glenn

Dos Pilas
The Never-Ending Story: More Looting at Dos Pilas - by Stanley Guenter.

The New Inscriptions at Dos Pilas.

El Pajaral
El Pajaral Rediscovered.

El Peru
Maya Queen's Tomb Found at El Peru

Newspaper article: "Brothers at Odds" - human rights advocate versus ex-dictator in Guatemala.

Isthmian Script
Ancient Mask Adds to Corpus of Isthmian Script

Newspaper article on looting in Guatemala.

Mexico D.F.
Newspaper article: Airport Site Picked for Mexico City.

Mirador Basin
Mirador Basin News

News report about ongoing looting at Naranjo.

Evidence for Olmec writing.

Advanced Age Confirmed for Pakal of Palenque

Major Find in Temple XXI.

Recent discoveries at the Temple of the Inscriptions.

What's New in Palenque?

That beer-commercial crane that crashed at Machu Picchu damaged a "stone solar calendar", according to this newspaper article on looting in Peru and the Nazca Lines.

Plan de Ayutla
Significant Maya Site of Plan de Ayutla

Popocatepetl Erupts - periodic updates on the most violent volcanic activity in 1,200 years.

Takalik Abaj
Royal Tomb Discovered in Takalik Abaj

New Information on Tikal Temple V.

Temple V Now Open for Climbing

New Ballplayer Panel.

Usumacinta River
Maya Sites Threatened by Dam.

Wooden Box
Precolumbian carved wooden box found in Tabasco, Mexico.

A new piece of the box.

Community welcomes visitors.

Forest Fires Menace Tabasco Communities.

The Crystal Skull - free online adventure game.

Maya dancer - animation (no plug-in required).

An extensive bibliography of Mesoamerican topics - a joint project of FAMSI and the University of Pennsylvania.

John Montgomery's Dictionary of Maya Hieroglyphs.

Encarta encyclopedia

The Maya Vase Database - Justin Kerr's searchable archive of Maya ceramics.

Mexicon - source of news about upcoming events.

Precolumbian Portfolio - photographs by Justin Kerr.

The Texas Notes on Precolumbian Art, Writing and Culture.

Tour Copan with David Stuart

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